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Confession of an ex-military Soviet test pilot...
Marina Popovitch -
Reveals hidden secrets of crash-landed UFO's in Russia!

Marina Popovitch on UFO's - Part 2:
Motherships & Crash-landed UFO's in the USSR (60 min)

There have been thousands and thousands of UFO landings in the USSR alone. From all the landings and UFO crashes that they had, there is no new information that has been discoursed by the Russian Government, and there are still only on 3 clear UFO films available. They are kept under lock and key. When Marina Popovitch started having unusual encounters and been observing unusual classified documents, she began asking fellow pilots, off the record, about their encounters.

Marina Popovitch has been flying for 30 years and testing aircraft for 20 years flying inside 40 different types of aircraft. She has great knowledge about UFO's that have leaked out of the military.

Her finding were outstanding! For the first time in America, this video details some of those Soviet findings. For instance, in Russia, the have discovered:

  • A rock that when ground down to a powder would rid the body of any radiation burns. This was used by victims of power plants and radiation experiments.
  • Underwater birth allows babies to be born with a very high IQ. Used by the Russians to bear children of the highly intellectual elate.
  • The UFO's are a major quest as to who we are and what our roles is in humanity.
  • The discovery of UFO's that looks like jelly fish (Marina shows the photo on the video).

    "There are many more stories, to numerous to list here".

What is this unusual writings? No, it is not from the pyramids, but from a crashed saucer! It is very similar to Egyptian, but does not correlate with it. It is an unknown language explaining the creation of the world. Abduct recognized these drawing and writings when they were in the ship

In 1982 a UFO story was published in the Russian paper for the first time in the history of the Soviet publishing business. It talks about 2 planes that saw an object that changed it shape and both pilots witnessed this. One pilot got into a lot of trouble and the other broke the story. The plane came closer and a lazier beam was fired to one of the planes and then bounced back. One pilot was taken in for the radiation burns but no doctor would authorized the inspection. He later died with the diagnosis that he died of burns, but he really died with contaminated blood. The second pilot is still alive but has been diagnosed with the same burn and blood poising.

Marina shows numerous photos of UFO's on the video

Marina describes fiery balls that approached a train and stooped right in front of the train. The fiery balls stooped the train in mid motion. The engines and wheels were still moving and were burning out, but the train was not moving. The ball held the train in place and was inspecting it. Numerous pictures were taken of the ball holding the train still. The pictures we ceased but are still available.

Marina shows numerous photos of UFO's on the video. Here are some of the features:

  • Photo: of a Cat and dog acting strange reveal a giant UFO in the background!
  • Photo: of a huge object or machine found by farmers in the middle of the forest. Closer observation reveals this object to be that of a huge type of space craft. It looks like a lunar module landing unit that has come to earth many years ago. Many people came to see it and then one day it was gone. The military have removed it during the night.
  • Photo: an object went in front of a Russian satellite that was 25 kilometers in diameter. It was a mother ship. This is an official military photo taken in 1991 and smuggled out from the archives.
  • Photo: of a UFO going through the water.
  • Photo: of a monk that is 2 meters long and looks like an ET. He glows a night.
  • Photo: of strange language found on ancient rock - that match channeled automatic writhing by Psychics.

  • Photos: of an unknown language explaining the creation of the world. Abduct recognized these drawing and writings when they were in the ship.
  • Photo: of contactee's automatic writing of the same language in the Ancient Scrolls.
  • Photos: drawn by psychics that were abducted.
  • Photos: of rare New Mexico photos from 1974. Human boys were also found on the crashed ships. Metals are discoursed inside that are not of earth origin.

Rare New Mexico photos from 1974

Rare New Mexico photos from 1974. Human boys were also found on the crashed ships. Metals are discoursed inside that are not of earth origin
Photo: of a ship such that when it was snapped, and the film developed, it looked like someone has taken a pencil and drew random spiro circles. This indicates that the object was moving very very fast.
Photo: a famous photo of alien being from Russia. It was shown to be a hoax, but Marina knows the truth.
Photo: of alien ship moving through the dense Jungle.
There are many more photos on this video to numerous to list here.

Most information is being suppressed because most people could not accept the truth. It would not fit their paradigm. Here are some of the discussions by Marina:

They found saucers that have crashed deep under ground many hundreds of years ago - but still much more advanced of us. Marina has seen and been in these alien machines herself.
She saw here car drive away all by it self rolling away when the UFO appeared - with the engine turned off.

A plane was shot down and two small creatures with a huge head and four fingers came out. The military took them away to an unknown base.


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All Photos taken from the Videos.

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