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Eddie Page: I am a Hybrid, Alien / Human!... and can prove it!!!
Extreemly rare "Alien Hybrid" Video taping:
They flu me and swerved high above the clouds and I could see planet Earth getting smaller and smaller. Soon I was aboard the mother ship that was several miles long. At that point I realized that I was a part of this Alien race. Here are my credientials...
"I was an Extraterrestrial Cross Breed experiment..." Eddie Page 1971
This the amazing but true story of Eddie Page, that was, and still is, the result of a hybrid experiment that has be performed by an extra-terrestrial race before he was born. Eddie explains his medical differences, psychological differences, and physic ability among the hardships of being "special". The rigorous medical testing Eddie has also gone through with the government and US Marines medical team for almost two years. Eddie is the living proof that Aliens have intervened with earthlings at a global level. This is the Eddie Page Story now revealed.

Through much hiding, harassment, and meeting many nonbelievers, we present to you 3 privately produced Videos detailing the information now available on his life:

Video 1

Video 1: (137 Mins)
The Eddie Page Story: I was an Extraterrestrial cross breed experiment
This Video is an interview with Eddie himself lecturing only to the camera. It was filmed in an unknown location, and Video Taped by his Hypno-therapist, Jiles Hamilton. It was to be a permanent record of the events of his life in the event that something should happen to him. Eddie explains in his own words, his life story from when had memories as a child, to when the first acknowledged his real farther, Aphara, from the Pleiadian star system. The fact that Eddie is here, in the flesh, gives us un-contested medical proof that he is not totally human.
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Video 2

Video 2: (104 Mins)
Eddie Page Hypnosis Regressions

This is the actual footage taken by Hypno-therapist and friend Jiles Hamilton. Jiles always video tapes his clients since after the hypnosis, the client sometimes have no memory of what was said wile under hypnosis. This is the regression that broke the case about Eddie Page and explains in details what happened during the 11 days of Eddies UFO Abduction.
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Video 3
Video 3:
Eddie Page ET Channeling Session (110 Mins)

After Eddie has had several years to analyze his life, and communicate with the ET's, Jiles suggests that Eddie try a Hypnotic Deep trance session and try to communicate with the Pleiadians in real time. This proves to be very interesting, as Jiles asks key questions as to the races origin, and lifestyles. Deep Trance Channeling with an entity (both physical and non-physical) are not normally done where physical interactions on the earth plane are done also. This live deep trance session I think was only allowed by the ET's to help Eddie regain his confidence of his earthly life.
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