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Eddie Page: I am a Hybrid, Alien /Human!... and can prove it!!!
Eddie Page Video 3: The Eddie Page ET Channeling Session (110 Mins)

After Eddie has had several years to analyze his life, and communicate with the ET's, Jiles suggests that Eddie try a Hypnotic Deep Trance session and try to communicate with the Pleiadians in real time. This proves to be very interesting, as Jiles asks key questions as to the races origin, and lifestyles. Deep Trance Channeling with an entity (both physical and non-physical) are not normally done where physical interactions on the earth plane are done also. This live deep trance session I think was only allowed by the ET's to help Eddie regain his confidence of his earthly life.
Eddie goes on to explain that the Vietnam mission was so secret that only 6 people new about it (including the President of the United States) and that he did not know the mission until hours before the drop off. Eddie also talks about the two sides of the Vietnam war, the US version and the Vietnamese version.

Before the regression takes place on this video, Eddie talks about his experiences in Vietnam and how he was picked up 500 miles away from the drop off base and found in a rice field wearing a different uniform than his originally assigned one. 11 days had passed in what seamed only a few moments, but for Eddie, this would take years of unraveling.

Eddie gets ready for his hypnotic session. He does'nt know what to expect and goes in with an open mind

After the regression starts, Jiles Hamilton puts Eddie into a deep hypno-logical state and starts to bring him back into the years that have passed. He will see and remember experiences as if they were happening to someone else, so as to not go through the trauma of it happening to him again. Jiles coaches Eddie to stay detached from the experience. They regress to a point just before the space ship intervenes and just after Eddie Page is shot up by his enemy.

Eddie gets ready for his hypnotic session

Jiles Hamilton puts Eddie into a deep trance

Immediately, Eddie goes under and starts to feel the pain of being shot up by the enemy

Trance: A simulation of the actual evenets, in Eddie's own words...

..."I was running from the shooting that was happening all around us. I saw my tactical partner fall before me and felt a great loss of a good friend. Suddenly everything's seems to slow, I see a very bright light beside me, lots and lots of light. 4 people or beings are beside me, one is always beside me, I know I'm very badly shot up, the pain is great. I'm now on a table and beside me is that same small beings. There is some kind of equipment beside me and it is just floating there in the air, strange, there is no stand or table under it."...

Eddie goes on to describe the equipment and what there putting on his body. As soon as they put a silver coat on his back, the pain and cold disappeared. Eddie thought that he had died and gone to heaven and meet some angles along the way. He was emerged in what seem to be a type of liquid or gel, though he was still able to breath even while emerged.

Eddie goes on the describe how he looked out through a porthole on the side of the ship and saw planet earth getting smaller very fast. He spoke to the beings telepathy. They were disturbed as to why he killed and destroyed people and property. They were up haled by what he was taught to do.

They showed him photos of him when he was a child and when he was transplanted with the offspring of a lady on earth. They used her to start up a new species since they weren't able to reproduce.

In the ship they showed him humans and human embryos in holding tanks. The being that was always with him was called Aphara, and it turns out that this is his true father.


Eddie feel the emotions and shock when he is there aboard the ship as if it was happening at this moment Jiles relaxes Eddie by putting present thoughts into his head so as to forget the moment temporally

At this point, Jiles begins to ask some questions now that the energy is focused in on the beings. The Deep Trance Channeling begins. Eddie is asked some questions by Jiles to ask the beings.

At this point in the regression, Eddie begins talking in a foreign language, something that sounds like Klingon of Star Trek. Can anyone else understand this language? as it comes from the deep subconscious, and any others who were in contact, may also understand this language.

The beings respond through Eddie and start to talk about the earth shifting soon, and that there are many like him on earth. Their galaxy is 7 light years away and we cannot visibly see it, but can seen it from space-the Hubbell telescope. Eddie mumbles something about 7 years, 11 months, 14 days, 8 hours, 23 seconds.

Eddie does some Automatic Writing through his channeling and Jiles holds it up to the video camera for all to see.

The channeling continues with Aphara, Eddies true alien father. Eddies voice changes slightly, but significantly: "Alter was the seed at age 2". When asked if Aphara has ever spoken through human vocal cords before, the answer was "Yes".

There is also a female present, Mosaurus. "Many died from a distance, 2 million years ago, will pick up people and have to move to planet with certain chosen ones".

Eddie reads, for the first time, what he wrote during his automatic writing session. He is bewildered His wife Gillian comforts him through this traumatic experience

Jiles asks some questions that Eddie would like to have answered: "True wife does have 3 children, 5 yrs, 6 yrs, and 8 yrs old". "Mieeka is Eddie's sister, Implants in the back of the neck are for communication, the nose implants are for knowledge of danger detection". Eddie continues to talk in this unknown language on the video tape. The channeling session goes on.

A new session starts and Channeling is now done through Opra, wife of Aphara(?). Opra answers more question regarding the 3 sons still alive, as asked by Eddie Page's wife Gillian Page, who is present beside Eddie at the session, and trying to understand how she fits in.

Eddie must live with his strange experiences
Editors Note:
A truly amazing video tape taken right at the Hypno-Therapist's home Jiles Hamilton, with Eddie Page under hypnosis, and his wife Gillian at his side.

This tape in itself is excellent for anyone studying hypno Regression regarding abduction cases as Jiles is a sought after expert in this field. An extremely rare video of its type. Most regression and channeling sessions aren't taped. We got special permission from Jiles Hamilton to distribute this tape.


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