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Eddie Page: I am a Hybrid, Alien / Human!... and can prove it!!!
Eddie Page Video 2: The Eddie Page Hypnosis Regressions (104 Mins)
This is the actual footage taken by Hypno-therapist and friend Jiles Hamilton. Jiles always video tapes his clients since after the hypnosis, the client sometimes have no memory of what was said wile under hypnosis. This is the regression that broke the case about Eddie Page and explains in details what happened during the 11 days of Eddies UFO Abduction.
Jiles Hamilton puts Eddie into a deep trance to relive Eddies past Even after just several minuets, Eddie Page lives out his subconcious memory of Alien evenets leading up to his present day
After Eddie goes under, Jiles Hamilton puts Eddie into a deep hypno-logical state and starts to bring him back into the years that have passed. He will see and remember experiences as if they were happening to someone else, so as to not go through the trauma of it happening to him again. Jiles coaches Eddie to stay detached from the experience. Jiles Hamilton probes into the missing 11 days during Eddies abduction while he was aboard the ship...(Jiles dialog and questions were omitted here to save space)

"I'm now 6 hours on the craft...

The people are very small, about 4-5 feet tall. They are light colored, have no hair, and have small mouths. Their eye's are very odd looking, but pleasant. There are 6 people in the room. One of them seems to be more attracted to me than the rest. They talk telepathically to me but there is a distinct strange language. One of them is what appears to be female, how do I know, I don't, its just that she has very long hair going down her back..."
Eddie talks as if here were there on the craft now, in real time

They tell Eddie that in Earth terms, Eddie is diseased and a machine is keeping his consciousness alive. Eddie goes on to describe that he is emerged inside a colored liquid, and some other colored liquid is put inside him. He is told that it is a "Universal Life Fluid" that can bring people to life.

"I'm now 23 hours on the craft...

Well I'm floating, what @#$%?, here above a table... with a light focused on my head. This light is following me around.., the machines and instruments are also floating, don't know what's going on..."

Emotion pours out. Eddie Page cannont control his altered hypnotic state and actually relives his shocking past!

Eddie goes on to give some more technical data and goes on to explain that life itself is different than the way we were taught to believe...

"I'm now 31 hours on the craft...

I'm floating in a yellow liquid, but strangely enough, I can breath.., they say that I was given life 200 years ago, before my arrival..., Time should be irrelevant on earth..., the next 2 day's are critical to my existence..."

His actions simulate the actual reality

"(My) life was planed from the beginning, they were up palled by what I was trained to do in the military. My course of action was predetermined..., I have to finish my task."

"I'm now 146 hours on the craft...

Her name, the one with the long hair, is Kalaris..., the ship is unbelievable, its huge, they tell me that the ship is 21 miles long and 8 miles wide. 4 races live on this ship. They all are from the Pleiadian star system. Wow, there are about 30,000 people on board..., the 4 races are the Treshions, Alpha Delapa, Demeria, Le Normens. (no spelling available), they all live here peacefully, together."
Still in trance, Eddie sees what he sees when he was actually on the ship

In this video session, Eddie goes on to describe how he was taken to a smaller beam ship to be returned to the Earth. Eddie sees the earth approaching through the porthole of the ship at a amazing speed. They drop him off and say that he will be rescued soon.

He farther describes how he was rescued by the US Air Force and strapped to a chair and punched during his interrogation. He was accused as a communist traitor and was taken to the hospital with 2 MP's by his side at all times. Blood was drawn and tests were done. This blood apparently could not be poisoned and certain drugs would not give the desired effect.

While in the US hospital, Eddie reveals, still under regression, how a strange voice spoke to him...

"72 degrees outside, 55 degrees in cubicle, .13 bacteria, pulse 40/120, sight-classified, hearing-classified..."

Eddie goes on to describe being put in an observation area in a special area of the hospital...

Jiles takes Eddie out of the trance state. Eddie does not remember all that was said. He must watch this video to enhance his memory recall,
"There are about 20 people starring at me through a glass enclosure, as if they were studying me. I can overhear what they are saying...,beside me are 3 people, Head of CIA-Robert Brooks, Chief Assistant-George Bush, Vise President-Gerald Ford, They were all shown a picture of a flying saucer. I recognize the photo, I have seen it before..."

"A short doctor says 'The DNA cannot be labeled, the blood type cannot be labeled but does contain some human blood'. The short German doctor seemed to be friends with the Americans..."

"They put me on the table and opened up my stomach, 5 doctors put a camera with a light in my body..., the German doctors name is Dr. Hendrick Von Stine..., They gave me shots of Methadone or something..., People are continuously harassing me..."

Ediees emotions get to tence, and Jiles takes Eddie out of the trance state. Eddie does not remember all that was said. He must watch this video to enhance his memory recall,

Eddie, after watching this video of his hypno-logical regression analysis for the first time, is shocked at what he said!!!

This is a rare video of a UFO abduction regression analysis. If you, or anyone you know, may have been abducted, or have had missing time, you owe it to yourself to check out Hypnotic Regression. Regardless if the Hypnotism concept seems a little mixed up, it is a great study tool for UFO contactee's.

Eddie must now come to realize and accept what has happed during his UFO abduction experience


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