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Eddie Page: I am a Hybrid, Alien / Human!... and can prove it!!

Eddie Page Video 1: I am an Extraterrestrial cross breed experiment. (137min)

This Video is an interview of himself, Video Taped by his Hypno-therapist, Jiles Hamilton. Eddie explains in his own words, his life story from when had memories as a child, to when the first acknowledged his real farther, Aphara, from the Pleiadian star system.
Eddie Page, born as Tommy Coleman Jr. in Florida, was raised through a normal childhood. In his younger years states that he never believed in UFO's or Aliens, that is until his first sighting at age 11 when he saw a boomerang craft, traveling at high speed, and produced no sound.

Eddie decided that he wanted to join the marines where there he learned a trade taught to him by the American government: Building bombs and booby traps. In 1972, when was 18 years old, he was sent to Vietnam in a special issue black non infrared uniform with a special Elite secret service group. They carried hi-tech equipment such as a special issue colt 45 pistol machine gun, and was sent on a secret private mission to assassinated the Vietnam Premiere.

"It was flying high above me. Little did I realize that I was in that very craft. It was a Boomerang Craft". It is shown here, seen, drawn, and photographed by Eddie Page.

The team was dropped off by submarine, and after a meeting with the enemy, saw his partner fall and then blacked out...


He was hand cuffed and treated as a defector and interrogated at the base for 2 months. He was treated as a traitor for disbanding his team members and not doing his duty.

Eddie then recalls, a few minuets later, standing in a rice field, several miles away, with a new green uniform !!!, no gun, no rifle and no other equipment. At that precise moment, 3 US Air force Choppers approaches and pick him up and started to interrogate him.

He was kept in the highest security with a guard in his cell and a guard out side his cell. He was integrated by majors and other high ranking officials on topics of what seemed to Eddie, meaningless things.

What he thought of as being away for only a few minuets, turned out to be 11 days, and he was picked up 500 miles away from his original drop off point.

A farther 3 months of interrogation was continued by some medical personal, and doctors from as far away as Germany and other parts of Europe were sent to study the most unusual blood type and Organs that Eddie had. Eddie also shows on the video, the many official medical documents showing that he was very different in body composition.

Eddies Military Medical Record: Official Military Records clearsly state: "Not of Human Origin"

The fact that he is here, in the flesh, gives us un-contested medical proof that he is not totally human. He eventually got discharged from the Marines, with still no knowledge of his 11 days of missing time. He got married and tried to live the rest of his life as a normal person.

The drawing of the beings that picked me up. The were friendly and kind "I felt a floating which started with my clothes pulling me up, then I went up"

It wasn't until eight years later that Eddie's sister was involved in an car incident, that the strange truth was revealed!!!

Eddie was driving down the road and then suddenly stopped the truck, when an orange ball of light landed in front of the truck. Eddie walked into the light, and then casually walked back out and got in the truck and proceeded to drive on. While the sister was in panic, Eddie still did not recall the incident. He had no memory of going into the ball of light. Soon after Eddies wife had a baby, Eddie was not allowed to see the baby, and the wife and baby had vanished from the hospital and had not seen either of the since.

Several years later, now married to his second wife, Eddie found out while chatting with an old friend, that he was adopted!. Upon confronting his parents, they both told him to leave and was told never to return.

"Hovering Saucers" are described in great detail. Eddie Page found Top Secret Military Documents of his Top Secret Life!

Eddie Page
, now totally in confusion on the meaning of his life, was involved in a car accident. His knee, skull, and lungs was very damaged when he entered the ambulance, yet upon awaking the next day, found his body was found to be totally healed!!! and the doctors were baffled. Wile having a cat scan done, doctors found unusual metallic objects embedded in Eddies skull. X-rays revealed still more metal objects in other parts of his body. They compared these x-rays to the ones taken in Vietnam, and found them to be totally different, and completely healed !!!

Upon obtaining some of his classified Medical record, Eddies shows a document stating that "Unusual objects were found in the brain" and "all body functions were found to be non-human", signed by an anonymous doctor, that did not want his name mentioned in this case.

Eddie recalls hearing a voice stating "we will send you someone". A short time later, a strange Indian appeared and he was told to hug a oak tree!

Other strange incidents that occurred was an unusual phone call and was told to go to a certain area and bring a camera. he went there and saw 2 crafts appear but they were upset that he did not bring a camera. Later, he got an other phone call and was told to go there again and to bring a camera this time, and his family. There he again saw the 2 crafts again.

With all of these unusual events happening in his life, he was recommended to see a Hypno-therapist, to see if he could make some sense of what was going on. Eddie meet Jiles Hamilton, a Hypno-therapist, and regression analysis. When Jiles did the regression with Eddie, he was shocked !!!.

A rare shot of Jiles Hamilton, Hypnotherapist that broke the Eddie Page Case. Drawn while under hypnotic trance, Eddie Page shows the drawings aboard the ship, a ship that he cound not remember.
The real Story of Eddie Pages missing time was now accounted for - throuh Hypnosis!!!...
Eddie was shot up, taken up to a space ship where 3 or 4 beings with silver suits took him and patched him up.

Eddie recalls, through regression, that he was levitated off the table, submerged in liquid, and was watched by a small being all the time. After his healing, he was allowed to walk around the ship and ask questions. Eddie communicated by telepathy using a strange language (Eddie talks in this strange language on the regression Video later and again in the Channeling Video).

Eddie was shocked when he heard these words from the small being: "No son of mine will kill"!!!.

Details of the Ship Eddie shows solar system where aliens said that they came from
That's when he remembered the helicopters coming to save him. After the regression sessions, Eddie continuously got phone call from the secret government, US officials, and other UFO buffs trying to get information. Eddie recalls once a official looking gentleman approached his home with some official looking documents. After he chased him off of his lot, the man dropped some folder and files (which Eddie shows on the video). The document contained his picture with the description "being of unknown origin-under 24 hr watch". These documents were authenticated by UFO researcher Col. Wendelle Stevens.
Official Documents Tell All:
All the regression analysis that Eddie Page went through, was confirmed when Eddie saw, for the first time, the official, Top Secret Military Documents about his own case!

Eddie goes on to explain that the race he was involved with was the Pleiadian race, from the largest planet Tresusus. Other planets in the race are Medor, Denor, Crepolus, Cimora, Leora, Alph-Depapha (don't know how to spell these names, but that's how they sound).

He farther goes on to explaining their lifestyle and how they exist:

  • They have no money, and therefore have no greed or power hungry people.
  • Their laws are of universal origin
  • They are hardly ever sick
  • All of their technology is shared
  • They have no crime and no pollution
  • They are all considered as equals

    Eddie also goes on to talk briefly about what is going on in Area 51.
"I was an Extraterrestrial Cross Breed experiment..."
Eddie Page

Editors Note:
On the video, Eddie now shows some photos and a drawing of the craft as seen by him in the backyard of his house, where he met his ET father. It is there were he found out that he was a genetic clone and that there were 31 other that were also cloned with him: 21 Females, and 10 Males, at the time of the making of this video, only 8 were left: him and 7 females. The clones were done in 1953-1955 and the extra-terrestrials were given permission by the US Government to do genetic experiments with humans in exchange for technology information. Eddie was the result of a genetic experiment. I you do not like to see or heard details of exraterrestrials influencing our planet, or of you do not want to see and hear shocking testomony of Aliens and Abductions while Eddie is under Trance, then...



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All Photos taken from the Videos.

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