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The Terrestrial Component of the Alien Presence
Alien influence in our Daily Lives!
New Politically Incorrect salvaged Video Update:
The Aliens are at this point of winning with their influences over our planet Earth. They use the premise that "The best slave is one that doesn't know he is one!". This rare video details the Alien presence and its effects by showing 100's of photo kept only in the vaults out of sight, up until now, by the elite that control this planet. If you doubt this, just look at the photo's below.

The elite live off of interest. Interest of money that does not exist!
Wallstreet and the American Banking Community, a long with the European banking community have financed not only the Americans, but also the Germans during world war 2!!!

Vladimir Terziski spill the guts out on Aliens and UFO's nationally, after many years of silence.

This video show the difference between the illusions and the realities. The illusion is that the Americans have always been at war with the Germans, either physically or politically. The reality is that the Germans have tea with the Americans everyday - on the Moon Bases and Mars Bases - right above our heads!!!

Some of the hundreds and hundreds of photos that Vladimir Terziski has collected over the many years of UFO and Alien research. Many of these photos are "unseen" by the average public. Aliens have had an influence on Earthlings for over 4,000 years!!!

Note from the Web Master. This extreme video has just too much to list for this small web page. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then just look at some of the 100's of pictures below found on slide show on this video. This will give you an idea of the information you can expect from this video. Each picture is explained. I have listed some of the topics below. This is by no means extensive. There is talk about unexplained physics and anti-gravity mechanisms that I could not possibly begin to explain. All in all: THESE TOPICS ARE SHOCKING!!! They were all filmed by an amateur and the data was researched by a private relativity unknown scientific researcher. This tape came from a private library and is not available in stores anywhere. It was filmed before a private audience. The presentations is entitled "HOW DO THEY FLY". Be prepared for this eye-opening paradigm shift!!

Anti gravity is proportional to the spinning mass and the speed of the spin.

Some supressed and unknown topics presented include:
  • How technology was found out by coincidence.
  • The characteristics of UFO types, and lift symmetry.
  • Unexplained psychics explained, and why it was supressed in the first place.

  • Anti gravity is proportional to the spinning mass and the speed of the spin.
  • Spinning tops weigh less than non spinning tops, and why this is not taught in our textbooks in school!
  • Information from contactee sources - The Urancha Book.
Why do Aliens not interfere with Earth directly? - Ethics. Even the Aliens have morals that are in line with the universal law. The karma that they would result in a violation, would be so intense that they would have to pay back would last through many many more lifetimes and incarnations. Regardless of what it appears to be, morals are more important than technology

The Iargan's. A very silent alien race from Iraga. Peaceful beings that make very little contact with Humans. Only several know contactee cases exist.


  • Tabloids are an understatement from an occultist. The largest masses read the tabloids - Subconsciously why?Different AntiGravity devices and experiments
  • Weight loss in spinning objects
  • Why is there no spinning hum of a disc
  • The Gyroscope has a Gravity producing property
  • Perpetual motor machines takes in less energy than it produces
  • The first photo of Anti-Gravity device
    unexplainable physics by the professors that speak out
  • Crop circles on earth and the
  • Galaxies in space both have the same formulas for vortex equations. Crop circles have formula's as how the galaxies are formed
Crops grow horizontally because the magnetic fields from UFO's 'trick' the directions mechanism of the crop. Here is a crop circle with rings of ice and snow - in the middle of summer!
  • The Pleadians report over 1600 possible Anti Gravity drives
  • Black Project programs
  • German black projects
Ever seen this ship before? no wonder, it was secret technology used by the Germans in World War II. Why did they loose if there was such good technology? The answer lies in politics.
  • Underground Basses photos. Photos of underground facilities showing huge underground bases
  • Rare and Banned books you should read
  • German design UFO's
Multiple chamber accelerator guns were not used during the war. Why? A multi fire cannon, could reach far beyond the enemy line. The Americans did not know where the bombs came from when they exploded way behind their charging troops!!!
  • Making the ship hull stable by having the fields spin faster
  • Gravitation Anti-Gravity Lift Drives diagnosed: irogon drive, Billy
  • Mier drives, German Foo Fighters.
  • Top secret plan design and stealth bombers reaching speeds of over 10,000 km/hr.
  • Multiple chamber accelerator guns, not used during the war.

Rare and Banned books to look out for, that were taken out of circulation by the elite.

Lots and lots of photos, to many to list here.

All Photos taken from the Videos.

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